Toddler Room

The Toddlers area caters for children from age 2 to 3½ years old. We understand that toddlers are energetic, curious and on the move; therefore we provide a caring environment that presents challenges & opportunities for independent exploration.


Children develop by having warm, close relationships with teachers. The interactions, enthusiasm for the child’s activities and approval by the teacher enhance the child’s/children’s development. Having quality resources and a developed curriculum gives children opportunities to explore, engage and become lifelong learners.


Children are able to have access to resources such as family play, paint, books which enables them to express themselves which also encourages numeracy and literacy. Mat times, where children are reads stories and songs, enables children to exchange ideas and extend their imagination which encourages exploration.


Our outdoor environment is aesthetic to the eye, it includes natural resources to create curiosity and is open ended for exploration. We have a rock climbing wall and balancing equipment to challenge the children to explore using their bodies.