Preschool Room

The Preschool area caters for children from approx 3½ to 5 years old.


We understand that preschoolers are learning to make sense of the world, they’re developing literacy, numeracy and social skills and they are especially discovering who they are; therefore we provide a more complex learning environment for both individual and group experiences. Further, our 4½ year olds are involved in a transition to school program.


Children are able to have access to resources such as family play, paint, books which enables them to express themselves which also encourages numeracy and literacy. Mat times, where children are reads stories and songs, enables children to exchange ideas and extend their imagination which encourages exploration.


We have access to a wide, natural section next door which has extended our children’s outdoor experience. This space allows children to run freely and explore the natural environment. Our outdoor environment is aesthetic to the eye, it includes natural resources to create curiosity and is open ended for exploration. We have a rock climbing wall and balancing equipment to challenge the children to explore using their bodies.


Preschool Room Philosophy

Our vision is for children to have a strong sense of belief in themselves and to be supported in their aspirations and dreams as individuals.  we place high value on children having the freedom to explore, allowing them the time they need to express themselves, to laugh, to have fun and for all children to be inquisitive, competent and open-minded in their learning journey.


We value parental input and contribution.  Relationships are a prominent part of our room.  We display open, honest, professional and friendly communication with our children, their families and each other.  We encourage all children to develop into independent, confident learners, while being supported and extended from a team of dedicated educators who are committed to high quality care and education.