School Transition


Transition to School

Little Poppy’s Preschool believes in empowering children. In the preschool room our teachers foster and encourage skills which are the basis of children’s lifelong learning.


Our teachers are committed to supporting children and their whānau in developing knowledge and skills which will support them to navigate transitions like going to school. During the day to day programme in the Preschool room we integrate foundational skills for school within all areas of learning and interest. We support and encourage children to ask questions, develop theories, skills and knowledge which will support them later in the school environment.


As early childhood educators we are preparing your children for their future within the school system and beyond. We recognise children as competent and capable individual learners and plan our daily activities and experiences to accommodate all interests and developmental stages. 


We encourage the children to share their interests with others and use a variety of different resources to extend their knowledge and skills. This includes literacy, numeracy, science, relationships and imaginative expression. As well as these educational skills, we focus on promoting and empowering their self-help capabilities, encouraging them to become confident and independent individuals.