Information for Parents

Information for Parents

What to pack for your child

We provide a range of learning experiences, some of which can be messy but are valuable parts of the learning process.  We advise dressing your child in clothing that is comfortable and suitable for active play.

  • A schoolbag that is clearly labelled with your child's name.

  • Two changes of clothes, all clearly named.

  • A clearly named sunhat for summer or warm hat, jacket and gumboots for winter.

  • For children in nappies, please supply enough nappies for the session/day (5-6 nappies are recommended for a full day).

At Little Poppy’s we believe there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. If you are happy for your child to explore the outdoors in changeable weather, please provide suitable wet weather gear.


Settling your child and saying goodbye

We understand that parting with your child can be an anxious experience for both parent and child!
The team at Little Poppy's Preschool are here to help make this process an easier one.


On your child's first day please be prepared to stay for a short time, so that the Head Teacher can show you around, introduce you to the wider team of teachers and answer any questions you might have and explain our routines and program.  Some children settle in straight away while others take a little longer, but with perseverance, patience, love and support your child will get there. 


We recommend saying a quick goodbye to your child as lengthy goodbyes can make your eventual departure more difficult for your child.  Our team will be on hand to reassure your child armed with a range of techniques to assist them to settle quickly, confidently and happily.


You are always more than welcome to ring us at any time of the session to check how your child is getting on.  We can even recommend a fabulous cafe nearby in case you want to stay close and wait for us to ring you to let you know she or he has settled and is happy.






We keep a very close eye on our children and always alert parents immediately to any signs of illness. However we ask that you keep your child home should they display the following symptoms: 

  • A temperature over 38 degrees Celsius

  • Coloured discharge from your child's nose

  • Unidentified rash or spots

  • Inflamed throat or eyes

  • Severe cough not linked to asthma or breathing disorder

  • Vomiting or diarrhoea (this can return 48 hours after the last symptom)

  • Head lice


Tip: If you have other children at home who are sick, please don't be afraid to let us know. Sometimes a day of less active, one on one indoor activities might be all a child needs to allow their immune system to fight off a bug.